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Rice Wholesaler in Canada

MARCHÉ NÉPALAIS is a wholesaler of rice and food products in Canada. We established a reputation as being a reliable wholesaler of premium hight quality rice. We stock a large selection of supreme quality rice ideally for restaurants.

We also specialize in authentic Nepalese, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Asian items.

Premium Quality Rice

MARCHÉ NÉPALAIS stocks only the highest quality rice that has been grown under the very best conditions. If you are looking for Basmati rice, search no further. We only sell superior quality products at fair and affordable prices.

Authentic rice

Finest Basmati Rice

The Basmati rice at MARCHÉ NÉPALAIS is always of the finest grade and quality, with a unique texture and aroma. Containing several healthy properties, it would be a valuable addition to both a diabetic and non-diabetic diet. Including Basmati rice as part of your daily diet can help regulate your appetite. The result? You will feel full for longer periods of time, which prevents unhealthy snacking.

Basmati rice with a unique texture and aroma

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What makes us special?

We also stock Khukuri rice that is recommended for diabetics.


1295 Highbury Ave N,,

London QC, N5Y 5L3


1295 Highbury Ave N, London, ON N5Y 5L3, Unit A10